Although they have quite a bit of catching up to do, the Romney campaign seems to be making a valiant effort in the email deluge. Here are the last 6 emails I received over 8 days
August 12 #8 

I am deeply honored to join Mitt Romney as his running mate — and I am thrilled to be a part of America’s Comeback Team.

 I’m looking forward to what lies ahead — especially meeting supporters like you. One lucky supporter still can win the chance to meet Mitt and me before things really heat up with the Convention.

 Enter now until Wednesday:

America is on the wrong track — but Mitt and I will take the right steps, in the right time, to get us back on the right track! And together, we will unite America and get this done.

 Thanks for your support and your excitement — we are looking forward to meeting and celebrating with supporters like you soon.


 Paul Ryan

August 12 #9 

Throughout his life, Mitt Romney has made great decisions, and choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate is a truly inspired choice. I got to know Paul during my Senate campaign when he endorsed me early on when I was still considered a long shot.

Paul Ryan is a courageous reformer who understands our nation’s challenges, has proposed bold policy solutions to solve them, and has shown the courage to stand up to President Obama and other Washington politicians trying to tear him down.

The Romney-Ryan ticket is going to win in November because it offers the American people visionary leadership to recapture the free enterprise spirit that has empowered countless Americans to build businesses from scratch and live the American dream.

I’m excited about the visionary change a Romney-Ryan team will bring to Washington, and I look forward to campaigning with them this fall.

Donate today and send a message to President Obama and his liberal allies that we can’t afford four more years of reckless, runaway spending. 

Thank you,

Marco Rubio

August 16 #10 
It’s hard to believe the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL is just 11 days away. The convention is our moment to stand united as a party, and to throw our collective support behind the Romney-Ryan ticket and the entire Republican team.

As we ramp up for Tampa, we hope you’ll ramp up your support, too — because we’re counting on you to help Mitt, Paul, and the entire Republican team win in November.

Show your support by donating $15 or more today.

Ours has been a campaign to unite every American who knows in his or her heart that we can do better. And with your help we’ll take back America.


Katie Packer Gage
Deputy Campaign Manager
Romney for President, Inc.

August 16 #11

Four years ago, President Obama ran on a campaign of “hope and change,” promising to be a different kind of politician. Today, however, we bear witness to a campaign based on frustration and division.

With no record to run on, President Obama and the liberal Democrats continue to practice Chicago-style politics, making false accusations that disgrace the Office of the President. President Obama and his allies have gone from implying that Governor Romney is a felon and murderer to saying that Republicans want to put Americans in chains.

Watch this recent video to see how the Obama campaign and the liberal Democrats have gone too far.


 It’s time for President Obama and the liberal Democrats to take responsibility for the tone and rhetoric coming from their reelection machine.

Please donate $10 or more today to bring civility back to Washington. 


Reince Priebus
Chairman, Republican National Committee

August 17 #12

 It’s been a long road to the convention, and supporters like you have gotten me this far.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to join us in Tampa.


 Donate $3 today to be automatically entered for your chance to go behind the scenes in Tampa and to be there when I accept the nomination.

 It’s time to put an end to President Obama’s campaign of frustration and division by coming together as a unified party. The convention is sure to be a pivotal moment and an unforgettable experience for anyone who shares my belief that it’s time to get America back on track.

 I hope you’ll be there to celebrate with us.


  Mitt Romney


August 18 #13 

No one from the government was there when we were sweating it, when we were building this business. I’m proud of the business I’ve built, so I appreciate Mitt Romney for standing up for people like me. He knows the kind of hard work and dedication it takes to make a business successful. 


We need a president who understands business. Who understands what it means to make payroll. Who understands what it means to grow an enterprise and to be successful. I think Mitt is the candidate for the job.

Show pride in your accomplishments — and help Mitt and the Republican team win in November.
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Ross Murty
Co-owner, Village Corner Deli
Davenport, IA

 August 19 #14  

The convention is just days away — and we are excited to watch Mitt accept the nomination in front of the entire party.

Would you like to be there with us for that historic moment — when the confetti and balloons drop?


Two lucky supporters will win the chance to join us at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and actually be there when Mitt becomes our party’s nominee. And we’ll even take care of the airfare and hotel.

Donate $3 today to be automatically entered for your chance to join the Republican team in Tampa. 

Don’t miss out on your chance at a front row seat to history!


Jeff Larson
Chief of Staff
Republican National Committee

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