Seems the Romney campaign is picking up the pace.

This one is just a little too cheesy and informal for my stomach.

I found email 19 to be very interesting. It poses the question of Marco Rubio as VP choice, then it asks for people to go to the Obama campaign's website to share "what you think the rest of the country should know about what Rubio's really done in Florida...and why he's be a disaster as next vp." Seems pretty suspicious if they are asking citizens to dig up dirt on Rubio. Makes me wonder if the campaign is having a difficult time finding any on its own. 

I received my first email from the Romney campaign, so I was finally able to compare the two campaigns. I would give the Romney Campaign a B and the Obama Campaign a D.
Obama- Biden

Began receiving emails after signing president's b-day card

17 emails in 2 1/2 weeks

Every email addressed to "Friend"

Almost every email asks directly for a donation. Some of the emails ask for volunteer support.

Some emails provide simple update and unsubscribe links at the bottom. In some one has to read the fine print to find the links. Clicking the unsubscribe button leads to another webpage that states at the top "I’m voting for the President in 2012—I just get too many emails." It has a 4 minute campaign video and allows the individual to either receive fewer emails (in general- no choice of what kind) or stop receiving emails.


Received email as a result of "entering" meet VP contest

1 email in 2 weeks

Email addressed to my first name

Clicking on video link leads to a short (30 second) campaign video with a donation page.

Links at the bottom to manage email subscriptions or unsubscribe with one click. Clicking "manage subscriptions" leads to a webpage that allows the individual to select what types of email to receive (endorsements, events, finance, etc...) or unsubscribe from all. 

To read the Romney email, click here.

Panhandling for boobs...
"The 37-year-old single mother and college student, who dons a bikini, sits on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and holds up a sign that reads 'Not homeless. Need boobs,' told the Akron Beacon Journal that she hopes to raise $5,000 for the surgery to 'help improve her self-esteem' " (1)

Breaking into jail isn't easy...
"Hurd allegedly refused multiple orders to leave the property and attempted to climb the fence in front of the deputies, who then arrested her on charges of criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.

On-duty jail staff members could not remember anyone attempting to climb the fence into the jail, but deputies set a precedent Sunday that anyone who tries to trespass into the jail might succeed -- with some help." (2)

So what is the blue-book value for a newborn...
"Kaminksy was wanted for trading her newborn son for a 1999 Dodge Dakota pickup truck shortly after his birth in January, officials said.

Investigators said she then sold the truck for $800 and methamphetamine." (3)

Looking to put a little spice back into the relationship?....
"Talk about hot and bothered. A Kansas couple is accused of stealing lubricant from a local Walmart and fondling each other in front of fellow shoppers." (4)

Sorry precious, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings...
A 7-Eleven customer angry that the clerk called him "honey" reached over the counter and punched her in the face, Connecticut police said Wednesday." (5)

Stupid People This section is dedicated to the stupidity of people everywhere.  

This one is not a solicitation for money but rather one for volunteering for the campaign. Interesting considering I never signed up for information or expressed any interest in volunteering.

In the last two days, I have received 5 separate emails from the Obama campaign; all ask for money. The sheer volume astonishes me. If you recall, I signed the president's birthday card on July 16th (and never agreed to campaign spam), which was a mere 16 days ago. If you average it out, I have received approximately 1 email per day.  It seems they are relentless with the propoganda. Anyways, I have gathered the latest in this one post for your reading pleasure.

He's done it again. New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has made the headlines for his extreme measures to control the behavior and limit the choices of his constituents through nanny-state policies and programs. While some could argue that the salt and trans fats bans have a direct impact on consumer health and there are many potential benefits, the latest measures reek of pure idiocy. I wrote previously on how ridiculous I felt the soda ban was. Another absurd ban is the donation of foods to homeless shelters because the Department of Homeless Services cannot measure the nutritional content of donated food- or in other words, it may contain too much salt. Now it seems that the brazen Bloomberg is reaching even further into the private lives of individuals. It is a true war on women (unlike the war fabricated by proponents of the PPACA that included free birth control). 

The program to "encourage" new mothers to breastfeed is set to begin in September and affects New York hospitals.   It begins with “ 'the city keep[ing] tabs on the number of bottles that participating hospitals stock and use' " (3). Then it outlines that new mothers who want formula for their babies must wait for a nurse sign out the formula like a medication. Not only must mom ask and wait, but she must then sit through a lecture about how breastfeeding is the better option each time she receives a bottle. I am sure this "mandated talk" will be generic and scripted by someone beforehand.  Most likely, it will be the same information that she has encountered throughout her maternity care and in advertising. But it does not stop there. To make this measure even more sinister, the hospital staff must document a medical reason for providing the formula. Granted,  "The New York City Department of Health and Mental strongly encouraging — though not yet requiring —" this new program (3). My question is how long it will be before it becomes mandatory, and what if any provisions are set for those who have exetenuating circumstances.

Received 11:54pm July 29 

Received July 29 


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