and I now present you with a personal message from Michelle...
Friend --

Election Day is closer than you think, so I want you to consider something:

If each of us brings in just one person to support Barack between now and November 6th, we will win this election.

That's because the person you bring into this campaign will join you in making calls, knocking on doors in your community, and registering folks to vote. And somewhere along the line, they will bring another supporter in. And that supporter will, in turn, move forward to bring other folks in. 

And that will have started with you.

That's the fundamental principle behind the new campaign program we are launching today called "It Takes One." It's about organizing and inspiring others, one at a time.

I am counting on each and every one of you to commit to taking one action right now to grow our campaign. And you can get started by sharing your personal story, which could help inspire the next person to get involved.

Who brought you here? Who first inspired you to support Barack or get involved in this movement? Share your story here -- and help inspire the next person.

Since 2008, we've relied on a different way of doing politics -- from the ground up. And it will take every single one of us to ensure that we can keep moving forward. 

By sharing your story today, you won't just be helping to inspire the next supporter of Barack Obama or this campaign. You'll be providing proof that, even in the face of unprecedented spending by special interests, our idea of grassroots organizing can still win elections -- one person at a time.

Share who brought you into this organization -- and inspire someone else:

It takes one, right now -- and it starts with you. Let's get out there.

- Michelle 

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