I think I have formed a new addiction. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. I guess it is more of a compulsion-" a strong, usually irresistible impulse to perform an act, especially one that is irrational or contrary to one's will" (1). 

So you wonder, what act is it that I may be performing that is so irrational? Do I wash my hands 50 times a day? Do I duct tape my doors and windows to keep out germs? Do I hoard loads of 8 tracks because I will need them one day? No. The new compulsion I have developed is checking my email every day. Yes, that's right. You saw it. I AM CHECKING MY EMAIL EVERY DAY!!!  As a matter of fact, I am reading it right now...

          (Pause for  dramatic effect).  

Did I mention that I am also holding my breath? 

You see, ever since I sent President Obama birthday wishes via an E-card I have felt appreciated. I never used to receive much email, and I would rarely look at it more than once a week. That all changed within less than 24 hours when the first email, addressed "Friend" and signed by none other than Barack, arrived. For the next 2 days I received emails both addressed "Friend". Not only had Barack taken the time to write me another lovely message, but now Michelle had penned one as well. Three messages in 3 days exceeded my previous expectations. Unfortunately, when I opened my email account on Friday, it was empty. On Saturday. it was empty. On Sunday, it was empty. I felt lonely again. No one to call me friend or ask for my help. I kept checking even though I knew it would be irrational to expect such important people to have the time to compose messages for me on a daily basis, especially such personal and heartfelt ones as these. Nevertheless, I felt sad and disappointed, as if something important in my life were missing. A big black hole.

Today the darkness lifted. I opened my email with half-closed eyes, expecting it would be empty but yearning for another message from the Obama campaign. I needed to feel useful, wanted, important. I needed to see that now familiar salutation, FRIEND. And guess what? It was there in all of its shining glory. The world suddenly seemed a bit brighter as the sun came out from behind the clouds; birds began to sing. It is all rainbows and unicorns and puppies now.

So let's get back to reality. I do consider this a compulsion because it is IRRATIONAL behavior. I perform the act of reading these messages even though it is CONTRARY to my will. I must admit that this email was sent yesterday, but for whatever reason it did not arrive in my inbox until today. 

For your reading enjoyment, here is email #4 from Jeremy Bird, National Field Director of Obama for America.

Friend --  

Next weekend, we'll be 100 days away from Election Day.

We've got a lot of voters to get registered and ready for this election -- and that's part of why First Lady Michelle Obama just launched a new effort called It Takes One.

The idea behind it is pretty simple: One person reaching out to others, bringing in one person at a time, is what will make all the difference. She's challenging us all to bring one new person along every time we take action for this campaign -- whether that's chipping in a few dollars, registering to vote, or showing up at the It Takes One weekend of action event in your neighborhood.

There are events across the country for the weekend of action, where folks like you will be registering voters and reaching out to their neighbors to talk about President Obama's accomplishments -- alongside that one new person they asked to join them for the day.

Can you be there -- and bring someone else along?

Here's all the info:

What: It Takes One weekend of action event in Sanford

Meet at: 1426 West 1st Street 
Sanford, FL 32771

When: Saturday, July 28th
Shifts start at 4:00 pm

There are some other events near you, too -- so be sure to check them out.

One hundred days isn't a lot of time. But if you can make it out this Saturday, and your friend can, too, you'll be able to reach twice as many people.

Those people you reach are going to bring in others, who'll bring in others -- and it's going to keep getting bigger from there. With all those new people stepping up, the organizing we've got to do over these next 100 days will be many times easier.

That's how this organization has always worked -- and at this special weekend of action, we'll get to see that idea directly in action, in a whole new way.

So RSVP now -- and start thinking about who you're going to bring:




Jeremy Bird
National Field Director
Obama for America

If this is your first time registering voters, don't worry -- your local organizers will connect you with all the materials and trainings you'll need.

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