There are many disturbing teen trends these days. We are made more aware of it by the easy accessibility of social media. However, perhaps the most disturbing to me is the growing issue of groups of teens who are acting out in public venues with absolutely no regard for others. Their actions vary from civil disobedience to theft and violent beatings of innocent people. One of the most disturbing factors to me is the brazenness of the individuals involved and the lack of any productive consequences.

This is not a new trend. It has been happening more and more over the past couple of years. Nevertheless, there is so little coverage by the media that stories remain local, which gives the impression that the incidents are not very common and only happen in certain areas. After I did a little research, I found that this is simply not true. There are stories from all over the country. One individual has complied a timeline and list of events with links to sources. It is quite an eye-opener. I have read through some of the stories for myself and posted links to examples below. To see the full list go to

Yes, throughout American history there have been riots, mobs, and protests dating back to the 1800's (the Anti Abolitionist Riots and New York City Draft Riots). Some had a purpose such as during the civil rights movement. Some were violent such as those in L.A. after the Rodney King beating. Some defy logic such as those that occur after a big celebration following a national playoff game (ie, Montreal mobs loot stores after Game 7 win in the NHL playoffs). Nevertheless, one common denominator that all of these events have is some instigating factor; whereas, teen mobs in current events are mostly random, without purpose or direction, and carried out by young people.

I cannot even begin to speculate about the cause or nature of this type of behavior. Is this is sign of our deteriorating society? Is it one of the negatives of advances in technology? Is it symptomatic of something sinister? Who knows? It is easy to blame the immature thinking and behaviors of teens, racial factors, parenting problems, and pop culture. Obviously there is a larger issue at hand, one that should create deep concern within all Americans, black, white, urban, suburban, etc. It is not just a problem in one city or within one cultural group. It is something that has the potential to affect us all. Something that could instantly alter a life, or many lives, forever. 

**On a side note, I wanted to also express my disgust and concern with the blatantly racist comments left on some of these websites, especially Youtube. In my opinion, it is inexcusable and deplorable behavior of the worst kind, and shows just how ignorant people can be. (i.e. "Crackerazz honkeys ", "No wonder those monkeys were actin' all da' foo'!", "lazy entitled ghetto trash.", "yall white trailor trash azz"). SIMPLY APPALLING!

Here is a brief list of some other incidents that have occurred around the country. Some involve violence, and some do not.

On June 31, 2011- Pittsburgh
Police: Teens Leave Church Picnic To Riot In East Liberty

On September 10, 2011- Minneapolis
"Mini-riot" in downtown Minneapolis caught on tape 

On December 26, 2011- Bloomington, Minnesota
Moving melee causes chaos at packed Mall of America

On March 23, 2012- Miami
Trayvon Martin Protesters Ransacked North Miami Beach Walgreens

On May 23, 2012- Baltimore
Flash Mob Steals From Baltimore 7-Eleven; Beats Store Manager Who Tries To Stop Them

On May 27, 2012- Milwaukee
Amateur video shows teenage brawl on North Ave. near McDonald’s

On June 16, 2012- Troutdale, Oregon
Police: Group of teens 'flash robbed' grocery store

On June 18, 2012- Detroit
Detroit gas station beating caught on tape


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